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Weekend Pursuits

Happy almost-weekend, friends!

This week has been lovely – I hope the same has been true for you. Any big plans for the weekend?

I have a bunch of projects to begin and two new favorite websites to peruse over the weekend:

CABIN PORN : don’t let the name stop you — amazing, tiny houses all over the world. So much inspiration!

TOMBOY STYLE : iconic style meets worthy pursuits (like drinking whiskey and driving go-carts)


{artwork by ME}




  1. You find the neatest things online. :)

    I’m hoping to start a couple of projects myself and enjoy the lovely weather we’re supposed to have!

    I never saw anyone sew on paper until I came to your site. I love the way that you incorporated threads into your landscape!

  2. LOVE the cabin porn. My dream of a tiny home somewhere beautiful.

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