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Two of my favorite past times : cooking and reading

I love to cook all the time, but there is something especially magical about planning meals in the summer. Maybe it’s the long days that makes it feel like there is time for elaborate preparations. Or the abundance of fresh produce. Or the activities and adventures that make food taste so much better.

Whatever the reason, some of my favorite summer reads also revolve around food. Many of these are well known and if you haven’t read them, check your local library. Others are more obscure but SO wonderful and worth looking through used bookstores for :

The Supper of the Lamb by Robert Farrar Capon (wouldn’t you HAVE to become a food writer if your last name is Capon?!)

ANYTHING written by MFK Fisher

South Wind Through the Kitchen by Elizabeth David

My Life in France by Julia Child

I’m headed to Seattle for the week to visit family and friends (one just moved onto a houseboat!!!!!!!!) and stumbled across this at the library : My Sweet Life in Paris by David Lebovitz . I love reading his blog — full of humor and astute observations on food and culture — so I CAN’T WAIT to settle into my seat on the plane and crack this open.

Vacation, here I come!



  1. Two of my favorites as well! Summer is coming to an end too quickly so enjoy your trip.

  2. Have you read any of Ruth Reichl’s books? Starting with Tender at the Bone, she becomes the New York Times food critic and is full of recipes, and humor.

    • YES! She’s wonderful. I loved Gourmet for many, many reasons but her essays as editor in chief were definitely one of the main ones.

  3. I’m in the middle of Julia Child’s “My Life in Paris” and enjoying it very much!

    Thanks for the other recommendations! Hope your family visit is wonderful.

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