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The things you see along the side of a road

I set off this evening to take the dogs and myself for a romp and came across this:

I had left the house without a camera so I called my fella and he hopped in his truck with his camera and took these beauties.

At one point there were four eagles of varying ages all vying for top position with the magpies on clean-up  crew.

I sat and watched for about 45 minutes, as all the deadlines and hectic-ness of the week paled and drifted away and my dogs waited impatiently for me to get to the fun part.

Did you know that eagles are very melodious when talking to each other? They sound like those bird-shaped water whistles I used to play with in the bath-tub as a kid. Who woulda thunk?


I have LOVED reading your responses to my question on Wednesday. The internet is so remarkable — it’s amazing you can feel so kindred to people you’ve never met, that you know almost nothing about … and yet there you are, thinking in parallel lines. I am so glad.

Happy weekend (almost)!

{Images by PK}


  1. These are amazing! What a sight to see!!!

  2. Wow!! What a gift to witness.

    When something like this happens and I find myself in a place at just the right time to see something amazing, I like to thing backwards to see just how everything happened when it did to put me where I am now.

  3. I was blessed to have seen many eagles the summer I lived n Alaska. However, I will probably never be fortunate enough to see anything like this. Thank you for sharing such spectacular images with us, Karin.

  4. Majestic!..everything from taking the time to enjoy, to your fella joining and taking beautiful photos. Something about eagles…

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