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Take Root

For most of my “adult” life, I’ve realized my path is not going to be linear. I have many interests and many talents and trying to settle on just one for the rest of my life has never seemed like a viable option. Having one foot in the art world and one in the scientific can make me feel stretched in very opposite directions, but even in that stretch it feels right to have both.
I started sharing my artwork with the public as a way to temper the rigorous, analytical world of academia that I encounter in my graduate work. Opening my portfolio to the world has kept me accountable and motivated to create art and it has given me so many opportunities I would not have otherwise thought possible.

Through one of these opportunities I’ve had the chance to really think about the story behind the art that I make and what purpose I want my art to serve in the world:

“Paper-cut artwork requires a steady hand, patience and the ability to break images down into their component shapes. It is an investigation of form and pattern and it calls for hours and hours of just looking, mentally deconstructing the parts that make up the whole before the cutting even begins. For over a decade I’ve watched the parade of flowers in town gardens and mountain meadows progress through the summer, the light on the mountains changing through the year, and in that time I’ve come to believe that a good, happy life lies in the details. This work is a distillation of my gratitude for living in this valley, a multitude of details cut from paper.”

I want my art to start conversations, to remind viewers to notice the tiny details around them that make life lovely, to inspire passion for places and communities.

My first solo show, Take Root, opened on Friday in a gallery in Bozeman. Tart is an incredible resource for Montana artists and local patrons of the arts and I feel so appreciative to get to be a part of this community. There are a few photos of the show posted HERE and I’ll be taking a few of my own later in the month. I’ve got to say it feels pretty great to have a whole wall of beautifully framed art that I made hanging in a public space.

The next challenge I face is how to better merge my artistic and scientific proclivities to reduce some of the stretch — I’m learning a whole new set of skills to accomplish this. I am eager to share these new endeavors with you over the next year.


  1. Congratulations, Karin!
    I wish I were able to see this in person.

  2. Congratulations Karin. I am a huge fan of your work! I so wish I could see your show. I love that your art is so detailed and captures not only scenes but landscapes and their stories and conversations. Bravo!

  3. I am very proud to have your art in my home. I love art also. Have a wonderful show in Bozeman.

  4. Meant to tell you I really like the sunflower!!!

  5. Yay!!!! Congratulations on the show and having a wonderful place to hang your art. I too wish I could see this in person.

  6. Congratulations on your show! Your work is beautiful and I always enjoy the little glimpses of it that we get to see peppered into your blog. :)

  7. Congratulations! As always, your art is beautiful.

  8. Grattis Karin !
    Tallangfullt arbete !
    Fortsätt så !

    …… and I will continue to read Your blogg :-)

    Hälsningar från Bo Thunér i Sverige

  9. AWESOME! Congrats on your showing.

  10. Amazing Karin, amazing art! I love seeing your beautiful, smiling face next to your work. XOXOX

  11. Now that is a stunning combination! Artistic, beauty and brains…

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