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{Lettering by me}

I’ve long struggled between choosing to do work that benefits many or work that benefits me. I’m reclusive, I love autonomy and variety, creating and investigating and setting my own deadlines. My solo entrepreneurial ideas make me hum with energy — a blinking neon sign that I’m on the right path. But I’m smart and capable and there is so much that needs to be done in the world, even though often that work makes me feel tired and uninspired. I can’t always see a path that allows both and I feel torn between duty and joy.

The current political opposition towards women’s equality makes me viscerally angry. I know what I contribute to this nation, what my colleagues and friends and relatives contribute. I know that I am – that we all are – FULLY capable of making choices that are absolutely correct for our unique lifestyles. I know that I am fortunate to have had resources and support available when I’ve needed them — for mentoring, counseling, healthcare, and friendship — and I know how those resources have contributed to my successes.

The thought of a future without those resources, of living in a nation that does not respect my contributions and abilities, of future generations of women having to fight all. over. again. for even a semblance of equality and freedom of choice makes me swing between rage and despair.

What can I do?

I wouldn’t be effective in Washington. I don’t work at that pace, and I can’t ignore the blinking neon sign that continues to lead me towards a life I am madly in love with. But I CAN support those who are effective on the front lines.

And so, starting today, 10% of all my sales will be donated to organizations advocating for women’s health and equality around the world. I’ll be switching up organizations once or twice a year — I’ll let you know when I do and the snazzy decal in sidebar will keep you up to date with the current recipient.

Recipient Number One is the Trust Women Fund , providing advocacy and support for family planning services in under-served areas of the U.S. especially the midwest and south, as well as a political voice on behalf of ALL U.S. women.

Women’s reproductive rights is an emotionally charged topic, but when it comes down to it, the restrictive legislature being proposed recently  is as much about trust and respect as it is about medical procedures. We need to have these conversations, but we need to have them openly, collectively and with respect.



  1. Karin, this is awesome! I think it’s a great way to make a difference on an important issue and follow your own path at the same time. Inspirational :)

  2. What a fantastic idea and cause! You are so right – we need to have our VOICE heard!

  3. Yes and yes! Yes to work that fuels you, and also to doing what your heart feels is right to support others . Liking the creativity of your solution. I’m back to school, and enjoying it, but also strive to find ways to support others …. Thanks for sharing this timely post.

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