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So I’ll just try to stay in the lines and mind the sideways wind

We saw these guys in a lovely, dive-y roadhouse here in town last week. This was my favorite melancholy song.

Have you seen any live music lately? Any shows you’d unhesitatingly recommend? Let us know!

I hope you’re having a happy Wednesday. My fella left for the coast so this is my first week of settling in to solo living. It feels busy and disjointed. I’ll find my solo stride, but for now listening to melancholy music feels just right.


  1. Jeez, I finally took the time to listen to this. These guys sound really nice. We had a really big name band come through Laramie about a month ago, Mumford and Sons. They played on our cool little civic center stage which is quite different for them. The show was excellent and the warm up bands were great too. One was from Colorado and of course I can’t remember their name but I would see all the bands again.

  2. What a small world – her aunt was one of my best friends growing up!

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