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Out tromping earlier this week, I stumbled across these:

They look like aliens to me … the first intrepid explorers into spring.

Out across a sunny field these caught my eye. How could they not!

Electric yellow against the drab and muted grasses of last year.

And finally, right under my feet, I found these:

Baby Pasque Flowers!!!!!!!!

The sandhills are here, the Pasque Flowers are emerging, we might get snow this weekend, but spring is here!


  1. Baby Pasques!!! You know I haven’t seen them in this stage. How adorable:-) Every stage of this flower is wonderful. I’ll have to get up in the Laramie Range and start looking.

  2. wow I just saw the little yellow flower here on Saturday while hiking! It is the first flower I have seen down here in the San Juan mountain range this spring. Cool!

  3. your photos are amazing and I like hiking with you

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