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Every year on my birthday I like to think about what I want to accomplish in the upcoming year.

Last year my big goals were to make an effort to visit friends and family and to have a solo art show. And I did both (yay!).

This year my goals are more solitary : to wrap up my doctorate, to train for open water swimming (a long-time dream of mine), to play the uke and do one handed push-ups.

To help keep track of my goals and to stay motivated in these solitary pursuits I’ve joined Go Mighty¬†— it’s like Pinterest for action.

I’ve never liked to let people peek behind the curtain at my works-in-progress — I always want to unveil the perfect, finished end result. The trouble is, if I lose motivation there is no exterior accountability to help me accomplish my goals. I’m learning to like the discomfort of letting people see me in progress : it forces me to acknowledge that I’m not immediately awesome at everything and I have to let go of my ego and it’s harpy-like noises and just focus on the process.

I think getting too comfortable in our lives allows us to forget about our place within humanity and within nature. We become myopic and stagnant. A little bit of discomfort is educational and humbling. Being vulnerable and uncertain allows room for others to enter, to test your limits and to grow. ¬†Ultimately, that’s my goal for this year — to force myself to be a little bit uncomfortable and see what I learn in the process.