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Monday Morning Joy : Jenny Holzer


I imagine walking along a dark street, on my way to or home from some joyful event, turning a corner and seeing this:

or this:

or this:


So many projections — so many thoughtful words in unexpected places … See more HERE

Monday Morning Joy : Belynda Henry

One of the things I love the most about the artwork I make is trying to reduce a landscape into its simplest shapes. Belynda Henry does this beautifully with her paintings. I love how effective she is in conveying season and landscape and mood with blocks of color.

See more HERE and have a great Monday!

{via Daily Imprint}

Head in the clouds

When people think of Montana, they think of mountains. And we do have lots of mountains, especially in the western part of the state. But just east of where I live the Great Plains begin. North and South Dakota, Saskatchewan, and Nebraska join us in making up the Northern Great Plains — land of playing antelopes and roaming buffalo. Or at least that’s how the song goes.

The mountains in central and eastern Montana are called island ranges. They pop up out of the plains like rooster combs, unconnected to longer chains like the Rockies.

The Bridger Range lies just north of Bozeman. The storms we get in winter come screaming across the valley and get caught on the Bridgers; we can get an inch of snow in town and the mountains will get 20. We call this the Bridger Bowl Cloud and there is a light on the tallest building on Main Street that blinks to let the skiers know that though it’s dry in town, it’s snowing in the hills.

I’ve lived in Bozeman for 13 years now and sometimes I get the urge to leave: there are so many amazing places you could live. But learning patterns like the Bridger Bowl Cloud — the little secrets about a place that make it unique — make it awfully hard to leave.

Tell me, what are the idiosyncrasies about where you live? What makes you stay? Tell me the story of your town.

The little things matter

When life is zooming by, the only thing you can do to hang on is notice the little things.

Yesterday I was working in my studio, the sun streaming through the windows making the crystals I have hanging refract rainbows all over the walls.

This morning I woke up to find a tiny yellow butterfly in my bathroom.

Now it is snowing. Snow all night and all day tomorrow. I love waking up to new snow.

My life is a mad scramble. I don’t think it’s going to change anytime soon, but as long as I can cling to all the tiny joys that fill the day I know I’ll be alright.


Monday Morning Joy : Jen Renninger

I LOVE these paintings and collages by Jen Renninger. So evocative for a wintery Monday morning.
She has lots and lots of work to peruse on her site — I recommend visiting if you’re having a slow morning and need a little inspirational boost.

Happy Monday and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I hope you have a moment today to show gratitude for those who push for change.

The other day I was out with the dogs and stumbled across this doorway :

Whoever lives here is a busy individual.

I love finding evidence like this of the critters that share this place with me — all the unseen purpose and accomplishments. It’s so easy to get caught up in my own focused perspective and nice to be given an opportunity to look at this landscape from an alternate point of view.

Happy Friday, all! I hope your weekend is filled with perspective shifts and new observations.


Attack of the 50-foot Guerilla

Sometimes things appear where you least expect them; some manipulation of reality that makes everything magic.

There is a trail in Bozeman with a growing arbor — in summer it is a green tunnel, in winter, the structure is bared and stark against the sky. To walk beneath it feels like prayer.

These paintings appeared on another town trail not too long ago: daydreams and interpretation of life in the mountains painted on bridge railings.

Have you ever contributed to guerilla art? Or noticed any around you? Does this kind of defacement thrill you or make you angry?