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Original Botanical Papercuts

Thank you for all the birthday wishes yesterday! I had a lovely day.

I’ve had a few queries about the original art behind this year’s calendar and I wanted to share them with all of you.

Each piece is cut from a single piece of black paper, entirely by hand. One of the things I love most about papercutting is the collaboration between me, the paper and the knife. I begin with an intent and a vision, but it is all three of us that make the final product.

I have to be flexible enough to accommodate how the knife travels over the paper and adapt my vision as necessary.

Cutting this year’s calendar was so much fun — I am a plant ecologist by training and getting to spend this much intimate time with these flowers was an absolute  joy.

The images are mounted on tiny risers to lift them about 1/4″ off the backboard to capture the delicacy and shadows cast by the papercut. The shadows change throughout the day as the light changes.

The originals are available at TART, a fabulous gallery here in Bozeman that carries an awesome selection of Montana artists. Please contact TART for more images and availability. You can also see a story on Apartment Therapy (!) about the gallery (and see a few of my pieces) HERE.

Thanks, as always, for your interest in my work and your happy comments.


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  1. Hope your Birthday yesterday was wonderful. Our weather sure has been just that. I also had a Birthday about a week ago.

    I have to tell you these cutouts are over the top!!
    Just the best!!

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