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Monday Morning Joy : Linden.g

Can you believe it? THIS is what exists under our noses and we don’t have any idea:

I spend a lot of my time thinking about and trying to measure invisible things. It makes me appreciate how much we’ve been able to figure out, and even more, how much we still don’t know.

These photos were taken by a biochemist : I’m completely enchanted by the physical world around me and obsessed by its natural beauty. My career in science has magnified this feeling of awe. For me, photography is a way to capture this physical beauty and to pass this feeling on to others.

For many more amazing photos, visit HERE

I hope your Monday holds hidden discoveries.

{via NOTCOT}

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  1. That is unreal! Who knew not this girl Thank you for teaching me a science lesson at this ole age. Helps me see why your into science.

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