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Monday Morning Joy : Angie Pickman

Despite the snow falling as I write this and the week’s forecast more wintery than springy, spring is undeniably on its way — bird song in the mornings, leaf buds fattening up and an insatiable craving for lettuce.

Little Bird Big Song by Angie Pickman

Since I can’t really see the signs outside my window today, I look instead to the work of Angie Pickman.

No Ceilings by Angie Pickman

Her cut paper birds are so filled with personality and self-satisfaction they exude springiness. It makes me eager to see the robins and chickadees around town again once this storm has blown through.

Bird Song by Angie Pickman

For more of her work, check out her Etsy shop, Rural Pearl.

Happy Monday — I hope you are all surrounded by signs of spring this week!