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    • Virga: wisps of precipitation evaporating before reaching the ground {from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary}

    • Breathtaking paper engineering by Matt Shlian. I’m loving the light and shadow. {via The Jealous Curator}

    • My graduate work focuses on the decomposition of soil organic matter. Decay. All day, I measure invisible things: microbial exhalations, molecules of carbon and nitrogen. It feels simultaneously magical (that we have tools that can “see” these things, even if our eyes cannot) and futile (it …

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    • I’ve been looking at handlettering and type for a side project I’m embarking on and came across THIS site. I love the playfulness of her work. This first one pretty much sums up how I’m feeling this morning: Happy Monday!!!  

    • Y’know. Sometimes you’re told not to do something. That it won’t work. And you do it anyway. And it doesn’t work. But something kind of wonderful comes out of it anyway. I took these pictures of stars with my point-and-shoot and without a tripod (OBVIOUSLY). They …

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    • My childhood lives in these scenes : The mountains, the water, the green and tangled woods. Do you ever think about how your external landscapes define your internal landscapes? These early elements, the backdrop of my youth, made me comfortable with vast expanses, with feeling small …

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