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Firsts and Lasts

The last day of summer (it might snow tomorrow!)

leads to:

First indoor fire!

First pot of elk stew!

First day of wearing a coat!

I had to drag myself inside this evening as the sun set on golden grass. But secretly, I’m kind of looking forward to hunkering down and bundling up.

How’s the season changing in your woods?



  1. Pretty much like yours !

    I think maybe we are going to skip Fall and go straight to Winter so I got outside yesterday, had shorts on all day and went to bed with the wind blowing the cold front in through the pines – 39 this morning and a killing frost/freeze predicted for tonight.

    I’m good with the change also but do hope for some cool, crisp Fallish days before the snow seriously flies.

  2. Here in central Pennsylvania,the leaves are starting to change color. It’s getting dark around 7, which I hate. I’m so not ready for fall & definitely not for winter.

  3. I was helping to harvest the last veggies at Sheila Bird Farm near Ft. Collins today. It was like summer for most of the day. At about 3:30 the temp. dropped about 15 degrees and a huge wind sprang up. It made the end of the day washing veggies pretty uncomfortable since I was still in shorts and sandals. By the time we were back to Laramie it was about 43 degrees and it’s supposed to get to about 19 tonight.
    I’m ready for the winter to come. We’ve been having a beautiful fall here. I know there will still be beautiful days in October too. I’ve got my cross country skis and my snow shoes ready!

  4. Looking forward to winter’s inner journey … I didn’t think of it until recently, but my avatar is a small horse covered in snow … something about it comforts me and brings a smile. I used to enjoy winter walks in any weather and am now content to be inside …. being back to school this fall warms me in a way it never did before in my life … dark in the evening brings comfort … in the morning … only disbelief!

  5. I am noticing the shorter daylight hours these days. Until I get used to it, I feel like I’m running late as it is dark before I am ready for it to be dark.

    I ‘m thoroughly enjoying the record high pressure system that is keeping it clear and warm these days. Apparently, our rain is up in Canada.

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