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Door County, Wisconsin

I just got back from my last trip of the summer. From this summer-of-many-trips I’ve decided that traveling is one-half joy of new places and one-half  joy of coming home.

Lake Michigan is lovely if you ever have the chance to explore it:

School starts next week and town is full of eager, busy students settling in for another semester of work and play. The air has just the faintest bite of fall to match the changing angle of the sun. After a week of being on other peoples’ schedules I’m delighted to be on my own — working from my deck, laundry hanging on the line, the first stacks of firewood against the fence.

My favorite time of year is just around the corner and I’m full of anticipation and ideas. How’s your summer ending? Any final adventures?


  1. Growing up, I vacationed with my family near Traverse City, MI on Lake Michigan. It is beautiful – gorgeous captures of it!

    Upcoming adventures…I plan on starting towards my folks in Southwest Colorado after Labor Day. I’m taking it slow – like a real vacation and hope to stop and see your exhibit…and maybe have a cuppa with you if it works.

    Typically, I blast towards CO but this trip will meander a bit with short driving days. I want to visit Anaconda also. I guess I will meander in MT but maybe blast through WY and northern CO… :) !

  2. My time staying with my bf while my apartment is being worked on has been a lovely holiday.
    We’ve spent several years living in different cities, so it’s been divine spending this time together before our busy fall schedules start.
    His little semi-wild garden, with a montrous field pumpkin planted innocently by his daughter, has been an adventure all its own!
    Beautiful walking paths by the bay, swans, geese cormorants, and the sound of kildeer and crickets at night. Giving a family’s dog a vacation of her own, while her family enjoyed their holiday, was quite a treat. It was nice to have her presence.
    A nice prelude before going to school for the first time in decades.
    Living my life as a work of art is what I take from your blog … as well as the visual treats .. food, art and vistas.

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