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Clinging to the end of summer

I’m sitting in the afternoon sun on the deck, squinting at the computer screen; my dogs passed out next to me. The sun is warm, but I’ve been in pants, socks and long sleeves all day for the first time since June. There is a definite bite in the air, a faint breeze that IS NOT WARM.


I feel like a contentious little kid. I’m not ready for summer to end. I feel like stomping my foot indignantly.


I love fall, I like school, I like being busy…I like everything that is headed my way. I’m just not quite ready. Not quite ready to say goodbye to my fella, not quite ready to have homework every night, not quite ready to start juggling.


All week we’ve been ping-ponging ideas for this long weekend — adventures and driving and exertion and socializing.


I’m excited about doing some of that, but I think my primary goal is to spend it slowly. To not pack in a lot of activities so that the time dribbles by. I’d like to sit by a river or lake for a little while, to play with my dogs and my guy… Maybe make another batch of ice cream.


If you’ve ever watched a leaf move down a stream, you’ve probably noticed how sometimes it gets caught in an eddy and hangs, suspended in recirculating water outside the current, before it gets swept along again downstream.


That’s how I feel, clinging to the eddy for just a few more days.


What are your plans for the weekend? Big adventure, or quiet play?






  1. I will be letting “time go lightly” this weekend with plenty of things on my “would like to do list” and absolutely nothing on my “must do list” :)!

    Happy end of Summer weekend!

  2. Lovely writing, Karin. Absolutely lovely….

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