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Celebrating Montana Artists : An Etsy round-up

Can you believe tomorrow is April?! To wrap up this month of celebrating creative Montanan women I wanted to share a few local artists who continue to catch my eye around town. Happily, they all have etsy shops, so even if you don’t live in Montana, you can still find their work at your fingertips:

Belt Buckles by Little Green Things

I’ve been seeing Leah and her buckles at local art fairs for about a year and they always make me stop and look. I love her style and creative repurposing of vintage images. You can find more buckles as well as vintage belts in her etsy shop, Little Green Things.


Jewelry by Yellow Studio Designs

I had the pleasure of working with Melissa and she is as charming as her jewelry. She uses spices and soils from around the country (Montana, Georgia, Maui) to color the resin in her sterling silver designs — brilliant! Check out more designs at the Yellow Studio Designs Shop.


Prints by Paper and Canvas

Annie is a multi-talented native Montanan and one of my favorite artists in town. Her prints always catch my eye and fill me with inspiration. Recently I learned she’s a talented photographer as well. Find her print work at Paper and Canvas and her photography at Art In Mind.


Photos by Art in Mind

This month of interviews has been such a blast. Thanks for joining in the fun!

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  1. Annie’s photos made me tear up a little. How I miss Montana and its people! Thanks for sharing!

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