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I left my point & shoot camera in California and I’m not very good about taking my big camera out on adventures with me and so I was without a camera when I drove up to Lewiston this weekend for a meeting. When I flew home …

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My days lately …

HAVE BEEN BUSY! And Hot. You? Between bursts of work, I can’t help but give into the lazy joys of summer. We have been camping and sailing and hiking and swimming and gardening and creating (stay tuned!!! So much is in the works – I’ll try …

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We went walking at sunset On the way home, we saw what looked like a cat on a telephone pole: But I’ve never seen a cat do this: It’s officially summer! Did you celebrate solstice?

A little bit about me

When I read blogs, I love getting a peak into the inner life of the author. So, in case you feel the same way, here are a few things you might not know about me: ♦ I peel oranges in one curl. Always. ♦ I love corny jokes. …

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In the garden

In a brief break between storms I snapped these shots in the garden: Anticipating strawberries and poppies Baby beets! I can’t wait to make CHIVE BLOSSOM VINEGAR with these: and an unintentional thriving hydroponic dandylion What’s growing in your garden?

Recipe for Rejuvenation

It’s raining torrentially here today — have you ever noticed how brilliantly green new leaves are against a gloomy grey sky? Last week I climbed through barbed wire to poach a patch of sunshine from a rancher’s field and lay in the dry grass. With three …

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Wow. Did spring sneak up on me! My nose has been buried in books for the last two months and we’re a good 2-3 weeks early for all this LIFE, so it has taken me completely by surprise. I walked home from school yesterday in the rain, the …

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Today, I :

* Woke early to enjoy some quiet with my coffee before the day began * Took a moment to celebrate the AMAZING morning light I get in my office * Vanquished my fear of chemistry to finish a lab project * Saw the moon hang suspended, …

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A Burning Question

Every morning when I walk to work/school I pass a view of the Bridger mountains that makes my breath catch every. single. day. No matter what mood I’m in when I leave my house, it’s better after seeing that view. So, I’m curious: is there some …

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