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Virga: wisps of precipitation evaporating before reaching the ground {from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary}

Well. I’m not really sure what season it is. We had a week of gorgeous early spring days and then today’s frigidity broke the 117 year low! It’s got me all confused. What do you do to get through the volatility of spring?

On the road to adventure

In January I thought this would be the year for staying put, but so far that has not been the case. However, the roads have been clear and the views spectacular Where are you headed next?


Out tromping earlier this week, I stumbled across these: They look like aliens to me … the first intrepid explorers into spring. Out across a sunny field these caught my eye. How could they not! Electric yellow against the drab and muted grasses of last year. …

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And now back to regular programming

Hi All! I’ve been on an unexpected media fast — traveling, trying to get a few huge work projects done, an unexpected need for a new computer — and now suddenly it’s MARCH! It feels like spring here — blustery and warm and unsettled. It’s making …

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The little things matter

When life is zooming by, the only thing you can do to hang on is notice the little things. Yesterday I was working in my studio, the sun streaming through the windows making the crystals I have hanging refract rainbows all over the walls. This morning …

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Attack of the 50-foot Guerilla

Sometimes things appear where you least expect them; some manipulation of reality that makes everything magic. There is a trail in Bozeman with a growing arbor — in summer it is a green tunnel, in winter, the structure is bared and stark against the sky. To …

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I got to spend a week on the Puget Sound over Christmas. Between storms, I reveled in being on the water again. The blues are so saturated — so different from the dry, crisp winter blues of Montana. It was a lovely, lovely trip and I …

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Early Winter

Just a few photos from the last week: It’s always a little tough to get up to full speed after a holiday — so nice to have the time away, but then a bit of a scramble … I hope your week is moving smoothly.