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Monday Morning Joy : Belynda Henry

One of the things I love the most about the artwork I make is trying to reduce a landscape into its simplest shapes. Belynda Henry does this beautifully with her paintings. I love how effective she is in conveying season and landscape and mood with blocks of color.

See more HERE and have a great Monday!

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Monday Morning Joy : The kid should see this

This link just flew into my inbox and I can’t resist sharing it  — for all of the curious, young and old:
{click on the image to go to the site}

Happy Monday!

Monday Morning Joy : Jen Renninger

I LOVE these paintings and collages by Jen Renninger. So evocative for a wintery Monday morning.
She has lots and lots of work to peruse on her site — I recommend visiting if you’re having a slow morning and need a little inspirational boost.

Happy Monday and Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day. I hope you have a moment today to show gratitude for those who push for change.

Monday Morning Joy : Kate McGraw

Amazing what can come from the simplest tools : crayon, a little paint and patience

For more, visit HERE

Monday Morning Joy : Petra Börner

These collages are so clean and graphic — part art nouveau, part totally modern

For more, visit HERE

Monday Morning Joy : Jeremy Miranda

I wish I could walk into these paintings — glasshouses, oceans, tiny cozy spaces? Yes, please!
I have big plans for 2013 – leading me closer to a tiny cozy space of my own.

And you? What are your plans for tonight and your goals for the coming year?

For more work, visit HERE.

And thanks for all the fun this past year — I’m looking forward to sharing the next one with you.

Monday Morning Joy : 21 Balancoires

The best example I’ve seen in a while of cooperation, celebration and beauty:


{via Aesthetics of Joy}

Monday Morning Joy : Anthony Sorce

These paintings have the power, the energy, fitting for this time of year :: endings, beginnings, celebrations …

To me, they feel like being in the center of a giant firework just as it explodes

To see more, visit HERE.

Happy Monday!

Monday Morning Joy : Katherine Sandoz

A little abstracted nature to start off the week.
I hope you had a smashing weekend and a bright week ahead.

For many more paintings, visit HERE.

Monday Morning Joy : Aimee van Drimmelen

Someday, when I have a little more time, I want to get better with watercolors. I think it would require looking at the world in a totally different way than papercutting requires.

I’m loving these illustrations — both for their subject matter and technique :

For more, click HERE.

Happy Monday!



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