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Monday Morning Joy : Belynda Henry

One of the things I love the most about the artwork I make is trying to reduce a landscape into its simplest shapes. Belynda Henry does this beautifully with her paintings. I love how effective she is in conveying season and landscape and mood with blocks …

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Monday Morning Joy : Jen Renninger

I LOVE these paintings and collages by Jen Renninger. So evocative for a wintery Monday morning. She has lots and lots of work to peruse on her site — I recommend visiting if you’re having a slow morning and need a little inspirational boost. Happy Monday and …

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Monday Morning Joy : Anthony Sorce

These paintings have the power, the energy, fitting for this time of year :: endings, beginnings, celebrations … To me, they feel like being in the center of a giant firework just as it explodes To see more, visit HERE. Happy Monday!