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Views of my childhood

My childhood lives in these scenes : The mountains, the water, the green and tangled woods. Do you ever think about how your external landscapes define your internal landscapes? These early elements, the backdrop of my youth, made me comfortable with vast expanses, with feeling small …

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Happy, happy first day of spring! I am ready for: bare feet, bare shoulders, freckles, green shoots, seedlings, dirty fingernails, muddy, smiling dogs, spectacular sunsets over green hills, and most of all, Sandhill Cranes!!!! What are you eager for with this new season?

Head in the clouds

When people think of Montana, they think of mountains. And we do have lots of mountains, especially in the western part of the state. But just east of where I live the Great Plains begin. North and South Dakota, Saskatchewan, and Nebraska join us in making …

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The other day I was out with the dogs and stumbled across this doorway : Whoever lives here is a busy individual. I love finding evidence like this of the critters that share this place with me — all the unseen purpose and accomplishments. It’s so …

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Books for a quiet day

I love stories. I love being transported to a world of the authors making. I love the pause it creates in my life and how I leave a story  foggy-eyed and dreamy. This time of year is my favorite for stories, for curling up with a …

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I took these photos in the last few days of fall. Now the world is a palette of white and blue. It’s putting me in the holiday mood, though. I’m collecting recipes for Thanksgiving and holiday cards are in the shop. To see more, visit the HERE!  


Every year on my birthday I like to think about what I want to accomplish in the upcoming year. Last year my big goals were to make an effort to visit friends and family and to have a solo art show. And I did both (yay!). …

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Firsts and Lasts

The last day of summer (it might snow tomorrow!) leads to: First indoor fire! First pot of elk stew! First day of wearing a coat! I had to drag myself inside this evening as the sun set on golden grass. But secretly, I’m kind of looking …

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