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Happy New Year’s Eve Eve


This week has flown by!

I guess the speed of this last week of the year is appropriate considering the mind-blowing pace of the rest of this year.

Do you all have celebration plans for New Year’s?


I’m typically not much for making resolutions, but there are a few habits I want to cultivate this year — I’ll write more about it next week.

In the meantime, over on Mighty Girl, Maggie shares her favorite quote’s from Esquire’s annual What I’ve Learned issue. For more inspiration, visit the  What I’ve Learned archives .

It’s been snowing here all night — nothing as dramatic as the East coast, but enough to have to shovel before I head to work.

Happy Day.

Monday Morning Joy : Ceramics love

Ceramics is one of my favorite mediums and the whole process fascinates me. One part art, one part chemistry, one part fire…a little bit science and a little bit magic. In winter, I am even more drawn to ceramics –a connection to the earth while the ground is blanketed in snow– seeking the perfect mug in my cupboard to warm chilly fingers, hands wrapped around a steaming bowl of stew…the vessel becomes an integral part of the meal.

On this snowy Monday, a few of my favorite ceramic artists:


Diana Fayt

Diana Fyat has been at the top of my list for years — the detail of her work is breathtaking.

Molly Prier

Molly Prier is becoming someone I am lucky to call a friend. Her whole process is incredible — she uses no glazes on these pieces, but burnishes them (rubs the unfired clay until it is smooth and shiny) and then pit-fires them on the beach with seaweed and minerals. The colors come from the reactions between clay, sand and fire. Talk about magic.

Heath Ceramics

Heath produces on a vastly different scale than the others, but their commitment to integrity in design and production makes their products even more lovely than the shapes alone.

Happy Monday!

Monday Morning Joy: Rilke and reflection

Sometimes I’m so overwhelmed with appreciation for my life and my surroundings that I can’t contain it. Saturday was Rainer Maria Rilke’s birthday and on Writer’s Almanac they spoke of his idea that “human beings are put on earth in order to experience the beauty of ordinary things.”

If that is true, I’ve been doing a good job.

For the past few weeks I have been busier than I have ever been in my life and so, so happy. Every day I marvel that I get to live in this place. That I get to work during the day with inspiring, creative, challenging people. That I get to spend my nights learning how to share myself and my work with a community of such amazingly supportive people. Every day I am filled with wonder and gratitude.

I want to fill every day to the brim and I keep trying to fit too much into each day — it’s HARD to learn limits. This weekend I had a LONG list of things to get done. I didn’t get to all of it, but I really can’t complain when the distractions in my life come from this incredible adventure in sharing my work, my funny little dogs and the most amazing friends a girl could ask for.

Happy Monday and thanks for reading!

Monday Morning Joy : Allison Connell

If you have a few minutes this week, take some time to peruse this project by Allison Connell :

Each month for a year she built a new book and used it as a sketchbook and journal over the course of that month. The website is lovely.

This is an AMAZING piece of work and completely inspiring — I’m already plotting a huge, long term project… Now to make the time to actually do it!

Happy Monday!

via Design Work Life

Dreaming of…

There is a lot about graduate school that I enjoy, and a lot that I could live without. Lately, my school-life seems filled with the parts I could live without and I’m finding myself getting bogged down and losing sight of the joy.

This weekend is the annual conference of a local non-profit organization focusing on sustainable energy and agricultural developments in the state. It is a gathering of some of the most innovative, creative, passionate people in these fields and I’m thrilled I get to join them.

I generally feel like weekends are sacred — time to work on crafty projects and remove myself from the bustle of the week, but this weekend I am going to be celebrating an entirely different kind of creativity and I can’t wait.

I am so excited to be inspired by my community, to see old friends, and to see what new ideas have cropped up around the state in the last year.

My field site

Today I am dreaming of Saturday — of a beautiful fall drive through the mountains to our state capital. Of hearing  inspiring speakers. Of making new acquaintances. Of becoming re-inspired by my work.

Monday Morning Joy

by Jill Gallenstein

I am a consummate doodler.

In school I find it keeps me from daydreaming — if my hands are busy, my mind stays focused — the margins of my notebooks filled with swirls and sketches.

Doodling also opens up the the creative pathways in my brain and often leads to new inspirations or previously unseen solutions to problems.

Despite the amount of time I spend doodling, I tend to not take my doodles very seriously.


by Jill Gallenstein

When I see art like these works by Jill Gallenstein — my fingers start twitching — itching to start playing — to see how far I can push my designs.

by Jill Gallenstein

I dare myself to take myself seriously. THAT is inspiration!

Happy Monday!

Monday Morning Joy

Today it is going to rain and tonight we are expecting the first hard freeze of the season. This forecast calls for something bright and inspiring. Like these paintings by Rex Ray:

by Rex Ray


There are stories in these prints. Stories that take me away from the gloom outside and the ever-expanding to do list in front of me.



by Rex Ray


Here’s to a week filled with unexpected stories.

Happy Monday!


by Rex Ray


Monday morning joy

This has been making the rounds, but with good reason:

Summer dinner under the trees

Saturday night :: Dinner at my house!

I tend to think of pesto first when planning a summer dinner party, but tonight the ingredients that came first to mind led me South. So I followed.


Sopes with goat cheese and corn salsa

Spiced grilled chicken thighs

Grilled onion and summer squash with cilantro oil drizzle

Grilled corn on the cob with lime butter and chili salt

Tequila-watermelon smash

Pineapple popsicles and Mexican chocolate shortbread

(I LOVE summer meals that don’t use the oven!)

This weekend is going to be full of summer fun : this meal, a quick camping trip with new-to-us toys, outdoor music…

Stay tuned for a full update (and recipes) next week.

I hope your weekend is fantastic!


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