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Nature walk

This is going to turn into a nature blog again, now that spring is showing herself … I hope you don’t mind. In the last week we’ve had days of sunshine and warm temperatures followed by snowstorms that drop 6 inches in town. On nice days, I …

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Meet Sarah Angst, Printmaker

Today we have Sarah Angst, a local printmaker with a remarkable aesthetic and ability to capture her subject in print. For each piece she meticulously carves scenes from the world around her into linoleum blocks, prints each one by hand and colors them with watercolor. She …

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Meet Anna Visscher of Tart

This week I am pleased to introduce you to Anna Visscher. Anna is the proprietress of the most fantastic local artist gallery in town, Tart. Tart is a burst of fresh energy to the Bozeman gallery scene and provides a place for up-and-coming local artists to …

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