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Joy as wide as a meadow

Della’s favorite past-time is to chase songbirds.

Her herding instincts have targeted the wrong species and she doesn’t seem to care a whit that they pay no attention to her directional suggestions. She runs full speed back and forth across the hillside, hidden these days by the tall grass. Every so often I’ll get a glimpse of black ears and white face and giant smile spy-hopping through the flowers. She and I came home from an adventure in our favorite meadow today and my fella said her head smelled like flowers. Now she’s passed out in the sun, a smile still on her face.

She is the best reminder in my life to be present and enjoy every moment — even the impossible tasks.

Monday Morning Joy : Thereza Rowe

How are you this morning?

Ready for some lovely, colorful artwork to start off the day?

If so, keep looking! You won’t be disappointed.

To see more of her prolific work, visit her website .

{via MAIYA}




Monday Morning Joy : Tahiti Pehrson

Beautiful, ethereal paper cuts to start the week off on a peaceful note.

See more work here  

{via My Love For You is a Stampede of Horses}

Finding treasures in the forest

Every year I envy my dogs drinking the spring runoff . Bright, cold water that I imagine tastes like pine and soil and growth. Like spring.

They look at me smiling through the shafts of sunlight, water dripping from their chin.

Monday morning we went up a trail I haven’t visited in years. Alone in the woods, with only the sounds of birds, bright against the rushing creek.

After a steep climb we came around a bend to find an ephemeral spring bubbling from the earth. Filtered by its passage through rock and gravel, it tasted of summits and snow. Of distance. Of spring.

It is good to remember that treasures take many forms. That by merely having eyes open to the world around you can bring unexpected gifts.

Monday Morning Joy : Alice Dufay

It is late Sunday night as I write this. We are just home from Missoula and the MADE fair (hello! and thanks for coming! to all the new friends I met today). It was lovely and exhausting and I have so much to show and tell from it. One recurring comment I received was how much patience it must take to do the work I do. My reply was that it is more like meditation — the repetition and focus of cutting paper. I get the same soothing feeling of meditation looking at the patterns and texture in Ms. Dufay’s work:

Have a lovely Monday!

Friday Flashback : To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee…

It’s going to be another amazing year for wildflowers this year with all the rain we’re getting this spring. I love looking back at the flower photos I’ve taken in previous summers — thinking about what is to come. Have a wonderful weekend, filled with color! This was originally posted July 19, 2010.

{FYI : Things may be buggy and interrupted this weekend as I’m hoping to do some major site transformations before Monday…}


To make a prairie it takes a clover and one bee,

One clover, and a bee,

And revery.

The revery alone will do,

If bees are few.

~Emily Dickinson

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, surrounded by green. The lushness was an enchanting backdrop for my imaginary worlds, but to be honest, I didn’t really notice individual plants.

It was when I moved to Montana that I fell in love with plants. The growing season here is so short, plants grow with a ferocity not seen in milder climates. The spring is so intense, you can feel the air vibrate as each plant pushes up, claiming it’s space, it’s view to the sky.

The wildflowers are amazing. Come in late June and find yourself a nice open meadow. Ever color, shape and size imaginable is represented.

Walk up the meadow to the trees and find an entirely different collection: the showy, boisterous flowers of the meadow are replaced by delicate, fairy-like blooms. Even their names are enchanting: Trillium, Meadowrue, Clematis, Fairy Slippers.

And then in a blink, it’s over. The colors fade, the grass grows taller, the forest bushes fill in all the spaces. The valleys become green, then brown, then back to white.

Monday Morning Joy : Tangrams

Do you remember playing with tangrams? They make me think of seventh grade math class : Mrs. Adams and learning about geometry…

These two artists take those simple shapes to an entirely new level!

Tangram States by Midnight Umbrella

Orange Deer by Tatibu

Blue Wolf by Tatibu

Arrows by Tatibu

To view and purchase the State postcard, visit Midnight Umbrella

(found via Design Crush)

To view and/or purchase any of the pillows, visit Tatibu’s Etsy shop or her lovely blog

(found via Unruly Things)

As always, happy happy Monday and thank you to everyone who wrote such lovely comments on Friday — I’m so glad to know you all!

Monday Morning Joy : Leah Duncan

Leah Duncan is one of my all time favorites. Every time I see her work around the internet it makes me breathe deeply and want to get into my studio and make something.

That’s the best kind of inspiration, isn’t it — art (or writing, or buildings, or nature, or whatever your creative medium is) that makes you want to stop everything and get to work…

Feathers pillow by Leah Duncan

Hello print by Leah Duncan

Moose tea towel by Leah Duncan

For more of her work visit Leah’s website, blog and shop!

Happy Memorial Monday!

Weekend Links

I’m working on a few fun projects that I can’t wait to share with you. In the meantime, here are a few things that have caught my eye around the internet this week:

Ice Candy by The Scent of Green Bananas, seen on Design Crush 

SLR Camera Simulator seen on Swissmiss

LOVELY credenza with matching glassware by Teroforma and Urbancase, seen on Design Sponge

Brilliant book recommendation tool : What should I read next, seen on Design Work Life

Wooden Sunglasses by Anni, seen on faberuna

Roasted rhubarb, seen on Orangette 

Happy Weekend!

Monday Morning Joy : Yehrin Tong

Mesmerizing patterns by Yehrin Tong to start of the week…

To see more work, be sure to visit her website.

Happy Day!


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