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On my shelf

Check out this great typography book I found at a local book sale: Inspiration is always lurking if you know where to look for it. Book sales are one of my favorites — keep your ears open at your local public library for their next sale.

For your weekend browsing

A few new-to-me websites that I think you’ll like: LITTLE POSTCARDS ~ beautiful quotes, beautiful photos, beautiful thoughts ~ _____________________________________________________________________ MISSED CONNECTIONS ~ Sophie Blackall illustrates the missed connections from Craigslist and other websites. Her interpretations are whimsical and enchanting. Tiny, magical stories. ~ _________________________________________________________________ PLENTY OF …

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Winter Skies

This is what the world looks like here these days. I love transitional weather — nothing else so immediately puts my “troubles” into perspective. I head out foggy and frazzled and come home wind-blown, clear-headed and ready to begin again. Today is the birthday of one of …

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