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Another book from my shelf

I picked up this book at the annual Montana State University Library book sale, thinking that the lion would make an awesome belt buckle (book covers are so durable, they make great western-style belt buckles — think rodeo champions) … Little did I know what treasures it held:

My recommendation: pick up EVERY plain-spined, unidentifiable and see what’s inside!

This week, I also picked up Here On Earth: A Natural History of the Planet, by Tim Flannery. I’m only about 15 pages in, but so far it’s fantastic. If you’re interested in sustainability, philosophy and science look for it on your library’s new books shelf.


On my shelf

Check out this great typography book I found at a local book sale:

Inspiration is always lurking if you know where to look for it. Book sales are one of my favorites — keep your ears open at your local public library for their next sale.

Monday Morning Joy : To Resolve

Visit the To Resolve Project to peruse the many, many resolutions by designers, formatted as iphone backgrounds, but equally inspiring to scroll through.

I’m not much of a resolution maker, but I definitely have some goals for this year. I’m not sure where the line is between the two, if it even exists.

Top Five for the first few months of 2012:

~ Make things : So many ideas … I can’t wait to share them with you!
~ Visit great friends : So easy to put off, SO restorative. This is the year.
~ Learn how to code : This is mostly for my dissertation but as in everything in my life, I’m sure there will be overlap here.
~ Prioritize me : I always put myself after the others in my life, a pattern that serves no one well.
~ Play more music : Instruments and radio. Music has been pretty absent from the last few months of study. Time to change that.

How about you? Do you make resolutions? Goals? Do you differentiate between the two? Want to share with the rest of us? I can’t wait to get inspired by what you have on your plates for this year.




Monday Morning Joy : Music and Accomplishment

Well! I’ve finished the bulk of my comprehensive exams — just a few more hoops left ahead of me to jump through. I’m not sure how I did yet, but it feels pretty incredible to be done!

I spent the weekend cleaning the house and putting up Christmas decorations and NOT STUDYING. And it’s so nice to be back here! I wrote the posts for the last two weeks before things got crazy and it has definitely felt like there has been something missing from my life. I hope you are all well, feeling prepared for the holidays, relaxed and festive.

This morning I wanted to share two new-to-me artists who I’ve been listening to on constant repeat for the last two weeks.

Enjoy, and have a FANTASTIC Monday!


Favorites for the weekend

I LOVE this:

I tend to lean towards functional decoration, but this is such a lovely interpretation of the nativity. Creative folk keep me going!
{via Plenty of Colour}

Also, have you noticed the many beautiful, free online magazines being published these days?

Here are a few winter/gift guide I’ve seen lately. Make a cup of tea, curl up under a blanket and enjoy some browsing (click on the photo to go to the site):

Monday Morning Joy : Alex Kopps

Look at these. I’m pretty much in love with them.

For more, see HERE.

Happy, happy day and I hope you all had a great holiday weekend!

For your weekend browsing

A few new-to-me websites that I think you’ll like:


~ beautiful quotes, beautiful photos, beautiful thoughts ~



~ Sophie Blackall illustrates the missed connections from Craigslist and other websites. Her interpretations are whimsical and enchanting. Tiny, magical stories. ~



~ Color is EVERYWHERE and Chloe captures it in every post. ~

Monday Morning Joy : Murmuration

Have you seen this yet?!

Prepare to be awed!


Happy Monday!

{via Swissmiss}

Monday Morning Joy : Karin Schaefer

I don’t often find people with my name, so I always feel an immediate connection whenever I come across another Karin. This is especially true when they share a joy for the intricate structure of plants:

For more of Karin’s work, visit her WEBSITE.

Happy Monday!

Winter Skies

This is what the world looks like here these days. I love transitional weather — nothing else so immediately puts my ”troubles” into perspective. I head out foggy and frazzled and come home wind-blown, clear-headed and ready to begin again.

Today is the birthday of one of my most favorite people. All I can say is that I hope each of you has someone in your life like this woman. And if you do, that you know how lucky you are.


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