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Books for a quiet day

I love stories. I love being transported to a world of the authors making. I love the pause it creates in my life and how I leave a story  foggy-eyed and dreamy. This time of year is my favorite for stories, for curling up with a mug of something delicious and disappearing into a book.

Trouble is, there are not very many gaps for leisurely reading in my life these days and when I find a book I love, I have a hard time putting it down to do the work I “should” be doing. The other day I was doing a little Christmas shopping – looking for a book for a first grader I know – and ended up finding a shelf-worth of books that I want to read instead.
Children’s chapter books seem like the perfect solution — they’re quick but rich; full of nuanced characters, lessons, and adventure.

Here are a few that I’m going to look for at the library over the next few weeks (if you click on the picture, it will take you to Amazon for more details):

This one I just finished and LOVED. Loved :

What are you reading? I am always looking for good book recommendations — tell me your favorites in the comments.


  1. I just finished reading Every Living Thing by James Herriot. I was having a hard time finding time for reading–this book was just the thing. It has many short chapters. He’s a great storyteller!

  2. I am now reading The Kingmakers Daughter by Philippa Gregory I have read just about every book she has written. They are based on historical facts. Really good.

  3. I am reading the Game of Thrones series… an epic tale you can completely get lost in (but not great for maintaining focus on dissertations). This post reminded me to ask you, though, if you’ve seen the movie ‘Hugo’. I just saw it and thought of you immediately when I saw the amazing, old time “dream” movies. If you have not seen this I think you will find as much joy in these movies as I did. For some reason it made me think that you should try your hand at a paper-cut movie. I think because I really, really appreciated the simple effects and wonderful imagery of these early movies. TONS of work… but how cool would that be?!!!! Check it out!

  4. Love young adult books. I will be looking for some of these as soon as possible. I recently read the Hunger Game trilogy and really enjoyed them. I have a series of books written by Susan B. Cooper, The Dark Is Rising series, that I regularly reread. Young adult books based in the British Isles. The classic story of good vs evil. Just thinking it must be about time to find these again.

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