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  1. Miss your blog, love your art, take heart knowing you’re probably living your life to its fullest whether or not you’re sharing it with others.
    Do you still have the link of the Hidden Life of Cells from Harvard?
    I thought it was so beautiful and awe-inspiring.
    I know there are links online, but none as long as the one you had on your site in 2012. I was doing an academic preparation program then – and drooling over the Biology course someone else was taking. Now I’m taking a free edX Cell Biology course and I’d like to see the whole video, if possible to inspire my rusty brain cells to absorb the information.
    I’ve been wanting to do this subject matter since I was studying Biology in college many years ago. I needed to drop out due to finances and family challenges. Now I’m reclaiming my past desires and, hopefully, my brain cells in the process!
    Medical Terminology is next. Maybe some day I’ll yet work in a field where my love of biology can thrive – before I retire!
    If you still have the link somewhere, I’d love to hear from you.
    Thanks for the gift of your love of art and science – sign of a balanced mind, perhaps?


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