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A year in color

There is a wild field nearby that is one of my favorite places to escape to. It is filled with wildflowers in summer and snowdrifts in winter, and wind, bird calls and solitude year round. And spectacular views of the Bridger range. I’ve taken so many pictures of this view. Every time I see it it feels new to me as the light and colors change through the year.


I’ve been playing around with different ways to document life lately – learning where information hides in our day-to-day actions.  I pulled the colors out of these photos, sorting them according to hue, brightness and greyscale:

Sorted by hue

Sorted by hue

Sorted by brightness

Sorted by brightness

Sorted by greyscale

Sorted by greyscale

Sorting by greyscale is my favorite – by ordering pixels according to the amount of grey in each, it perfectly captures the way I feel every time I visit this field – simultaneously grounded and expansive.

Inspired by Generative Gestaltung


Virga: wisps of precipitation evaporating before reaching the ground
{from the Merriam-Webster Dictionary}

The beauty of decay

My graduate work focuses on the decomposition of soil organic matter.

All day, I measure invisible things: microbial exhalations, molecules of carbon and nitrogen. It feels simultaneously magical (that we have tools that can “see” these things, even if our eyes cannot) and futile (it can be hard to know the difference between invisible things and nothing).

Soils don’t get too much press — they are dark, and usually stable, and easy to take for granted. But the work that occurs in soils is what allows us all to do our work — breaking down the old to become new again.

These pilings have been decaying in salt water — slowly — since the late 1800’s. This is exactly the beauty I imagine in my work, on a larger, visible scale.

Sky doodles

Y’know. Sometimes you’re told not to do something. That it won’t work. And you do it anyway. And it doesn’t work. But something kind of wonderful comes out of it anyway.

I took these pictures of stars with my point-and-shoot and without a tripod (OBVIOUSLY).

They are photographs of my breath, captured by a star.

We are camping in the desert this weekend. A place full of potential for adventure and experiments …

What cautions are you going to throw to the wind this weekend?

Views of my childhood

My childhood lives in these scenes : The mountains, the water, the green and tangled woods.
Do you ever think about how your external landscapes define your internal landscapes?

These early elements, the backdrop of my youth, made me comfortable with vast expanses, with feeling small in the world and with finding my own paths; skills I use daily in my life in Montana.

What are your compasses? And what are the stories behind them?

Monday Morning Joy : Daniel Frost

Another storm is buffeting town — howling wind and snow flurries  — and I am reveling in the primary colors and summer activities pictured in these lovely, simple illustrations by Daniel Frost.


For more, see HERE and HERE.

Happy Monday!!